Portfolio Review

We have the pleasure of having at Heroes Comic Con València 4 international editors to whom you can present your portfolio.

Come an visit us at the Editors Area and meet Marie Javins from DC Comics, Daniel Chabon from Dark Horse Comics, Thomas Ragon from Èditions Dargaud and Michael Groenewald from Carlsen Verlag.

Rules: Portfolio review

All artists at Heroes Comic Con València can present their portfolio during the days of the event, during the opening hours according to the following specification: (in Spanish)

  • Every artist has the right to present his portfolio of page samples to the editor Marie Javins of DC Comics (only cartoonists, DC does not look for writers)
  • Writers and cartoonists can present their projects, separately or as a team to Daniel Chabon, of Dark Horse Comics, and to some European publishers present at Heroes Comic Con València, Thomas Ragon and Michael Groenewald. The editors will select who they want to meet privately, so not everyone who presents their portfolio will get private meetings with the editors.
  • The portfolios are left in large buckets, one per editor, in the publishers area. To this portfolio – which should only carry copies, never originals and in A4 format – the author must add, as a first page, a resume with his work to date.
  • The portfolios must have a minimum of six pages, and a maximum of twelve (in black and white or in color). In addition, each page of the portfolio must have written the full name, email address and telephone number of the author at the top of each page. Said portfolio, if the publisher decides not to keep it, it will be returned to the interested party asking for it.
  • On Friday and Saturday at 1:00 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m., the portfolios of each of the four editors’ trays will be collected and reviewed by them. At. 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m, a blackboard or similar will be placed on the floor for the afternoon meetings (2:00 pm list) and the following morning (8:00 p.m.). On Sunday no portfolios will be collected. If you have delivered your portfolio in the morning and you are not called for the afternoon, and if you deliver it in the afternoon and you are not called for the next morning, do not try again with the same portfolio on another day of the event, as you will not be received.
  • The artists summoned, will be asked to bring their ID to the meeting, so that only those who have been summoned can attend. There will be no translators in the meetings, so if you do not speak English or French, we recommend that you come with a translator. If you intend to meet with more than one publisher, make more than one copy of the portfolio.
  • In the case of the editor of DC Comics, Marie Javins, it is recommended to make portfolios of 12 pages: three Marvel action characters, three action DC characters, three pages of conversation and the last three pin-ups, covers and everything possible to show your capabilities.
  • In the case of the Dark Horse editor, Daniel Chabon, and the European publishers, Thomas Ragon and Michael Groenewald, it is recommended to bring a synopsis of the project you want to present, character designs, and some pages of the project itself, so that the editors can value it.

IVACE Internacional y AEPV

IVACE Internacional, en colaboración con la Associació d’Editors del País Valencia, AEPV, organiza una misión inversa de editores japoneses a este certamen. El objetivo de esta acción es que las empresas valencianas del sector editorial y los ilustradores de la Comunitat Valenciana participantes en Heroes Comic Con concreten oportunidades de negocio a través de la venta de derechos de autor así como a través de acuerdos de coproducción con los editores internacionales. Para ello, los editores mantendrán encuentros B2B con sus homólogos japoneses y los ilustradores tendrán la oportunidad de mostrar su portfolio.

Editores valencianos que estarán el viernes por la mañana:

  • Edicions Bromera: Carol Borras
  • Algar Editorial: Carol Borras
  • Andana Editorial: Nàdia Revenga
  • Fandogamia Editorial: Pedro F. Medina
  • Edicions 96: Vicent L. Roca
  • Edicions 96: Pau Àlvarez López
  • Edicions 96: Josep Olaso Garcia.
  • Edicions 96: Dolors Pedros
  • Litera libros: Juan Romero
  • Onada Edicions: Òscar París Garcia
  • Ediciones Babylon: Javier Bolado
  • Edicions del Bullent: Núria Sendra
  • La Batidora Coop. V.:  Luciana Reis
  • La Batidora Coop. V.: Raquel Plaza Toldrá
  • Milimbo: JuanJo G. Oller
  • La imprenta Comunicación Gráfica SL: Armand Llàcer
  • Media Vaca: Begoña Lobo
  • Media Vaca: Vicente Ferrer

Editores japoneses que estarán el viernes y el sábado:

  • Froebel-Kan Compamy, Ltd.: Reiko Honjo
  • Fukuinkan Shoten Publisher, Inc:  Taro Tagaya
  • Gakken Holdings, Co., Ltd.: Yuichi Numata
  • Gakken Plus, Co., Ltd.: Mie Kitagawa
  • Kaisei-sha publishing Co., Ltd.: Tomoko Sagawa
  • Komine Shoten: Tsuyoshi Yamagishi
  • Poplar publishing Co., Ltd.: Eri Tanaka
  • Shogakukan Inc.: Kyoko Kiire
  • World Library: Yuji Hayashi
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