Esad Ribić

    Esad T. Ribić (born 10 November 1972[1]) is a Croatian comic book artist and animator, known for his work on various titles for Marvel Comics, including LokiSilver Surfer: RequiemSub-Mariner: The Depths and the 2015 Secret Wars.

    Ribić graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb as a graphic designer. He started making comics in the early 90s, doing shorts strips and illustrations for the Croatian Plavi magazine (Vjesnik) and German Gespenster Geschichten (Bastei Verlag). Ribić also worked for Zagreb Film as a film animator on such series as The Little Flying Bearsand Lapitch the Little Shoemaker.

    Ribić then moved on to Marvel comics, most notably working on Thor: God of Thunder and the 2015 Secret Wars Marvel crossover.

    Esad is currently drawing the Vs series for Image Comics, with writer Ivan Brandon.

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