Michael Groenewald

    Michael Groenewald (*1969) studied literature and politics. He was an editor at Dino Entertainment before he joined Carlsen Comics for eight years. Later he  worked for many years as editor and editor in chief at the independant publisher Reprodukt. Today he is part of Carlsen’s editorial team again. For Carlsen and as a freelance editor he works frequently with German artists like Reinhard Kleist, Mawil or Uli Oesterle and takes care of the current German editions of Peanuts or Spirou as well as books by many French and American artists like Christophe Blain, Émile Bravo, Chris Ware or Craig Thompson. He created a line of children’s comics at Reprodukt (e.g. Kiste/Caja by Patrick Wirbeleit and Uwe Heidschötter) and was in charge of the program for children at the comics festivals in Erlangen and Hamburg in recent years.


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